Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Think before you buy another LCD tv or Monitor

Do you really want to buy another LCD TV or monitor for you or your friends? Then consider these details before making a decision to buy. Oh, I'm not a Guru in the Electronics field, but have a good knowledge in helping others or myself in making a decision before buying electronic consumer products. For more than 10 years I've guided many of my friends in buying color TVs.

Nowadays LCD TVs and plasma TV are flodding the market and the technology is more advanced than the CRT TV days some 10 years back. The technology offers many features in such products.

When you buy LCD TV or plasma TV then you should already have a DVD player or you might purchase one in the near future. The interface that connects the DVD player and your TV is more important than before.

The age old analog method is still there in these products. But few products offer the latest digital technology fo lossless quality audio and video from your DVD player to your TV. That is called HDMI. That is called high Definition Multimedia Interface.

In ageold analog method, the digital signal from DVD player is converted to analog using DAC(Digital To Analog) convertor and send to TV wher LCD TVs convert them back to digital. So the conversion happens twice. In HDMI there is no conversion at all. The digital signal is directly sent to the LCD TV. So the picture quality will be much better than using analog methods.

So look for the digital input in the LCD TV or DVI or HDMI in the LCD TV before making a decision to buy an LCD TV.

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